5 Digital Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now – Make more than NGN 100,000 Monthly

5 Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now - Make Up To NGN 100,000 Monthly

The Corona Virus pandemic has really  distorted the Nigerian economy leaving a large number of the Nigerian population jobless. Although there have been a high rise of  startup companies creating limited jobs for the unemployed citizens, it will take a while before job seekers seeking full-time jobs find work again.

Meanwhile most people are beginning to take up part-time jobs and other side gigs to make some extra cash. As we all know, some of these side gigs can be very lucrative.

If you need to know more ways  on how to make money now, here are five (5) simple business ideas you can start today to make money on the side.

1. Grocery Delivery Apps

The daily trips to the grocery store have now turned into a tiring and anxious chore. However, one cannot avoid it in any case. While everything is going digital, on-demand grocery apps are a lucrative industry, delivering grocery items right to customers’ doorsteps. People are avoiding social contact as much as possible, and online grocery shopping will help achieve that goal.

However, ensure that you have a short lead-time that encourages people to buy through your platform. Since grocery stores are on every other corner of the street, lead time plays a significant role in the success of online grocery stores. Don’t make people wait two hours for the bread that they can get in five minutes from the store nearby.

2. Pickup And Delivery Service

A pickup and delivery service is a lifesaver these days as people are staying home and want things delivered to their homes. Instead of going to the malls for shopping, people are ordering products online. An on-demand pickup and delivery service will grab and deliver anything and everything for customers, without having to wait for regular deliveries from the store that takes up to five to seven business days.

Not every business has a delivery service. With a pickup and delivery platform, people can shop from such stores, too, without worrying about delivery options and time. It is the need of the hour, especially when stocks get finished quickly and one struggles to find desired products in nearby stores. Pickup and delivery services allow shopping from distant areas of the city as well.

3. Multiplayer Mobile Games

One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic is social distancing and staying away from friends and family. There are limited recreational options at home, which makes most of us frustrated. Multiplayer mobile games are an excellent way to distract yourself from negative thoughts and stay connected with your friends online.

You can develop an online version of traditional games, like Sequence, Chess, Clue or Monopoly. Or you can work on a new mobile app game that users can play with their friends by creating private tables. Not only will multiplayer mobile games keep people busy in a healthy activity, but they’ll also encourage people to stay in touch for that new competition in the game!

4. Telemedicine Apps

Hospitals and clinics are prone to spread the virus, considering people with different health conditions visit. Since corona-positive patients may not show any symptoms, it is challenging to keep hospitals and clinics free from the virus. Furthermore, most hospitals have now turned into isolation centers or are actively catering to corona patients. Therefore, it is not safe to conduct regular OPDs during the pandemic.

Telemedicine apps are an excellent alternative to OPDs. People can connect with doctors and paramedics staff via audio or video calls. Most consultations can be conducted online without a need for face-to-face interaction. Doctors are recommending people to visit hospitals only for emergency procedures, giving telemedicine a boost.

Online therapy with certified therapists is an excellent opportunity in the telemedicine world. Social distancing is tough on most of us, especially with people who do not enjoy cordial relationships with their families or people they are with during the crisis.

5. Web And App Development Agencies

Every business is looking for a digital breakthrough. Entrepreneurs and small ventures that were otherwise relying on local stores to stock their products now need a platform of their own. Enterprises are working on improving the user experience of their digital presence and on offering an unmatched experience to their target audience. Web and app development agencies are in demand to develop websites and mobile apps.

If you are a web and app development expert, now is an excellent time to start your venture or register as a freelancer and help entrepreneurs in their projects.

The world post-pandemic will be highly digitized, and e-commerce platforms will dominate the world. We have now experienced working from home, ordering products online, studying and taking exams online and whatnot. I believe, despite the challenges, we must now move toward adapting and bracing ourselves for the new normal.

Source: Forbes

Make sure to adhere to the principles of social distancing in supermarkets and grocery stores, and ask your employer what kind of contact-less delivery system is in place to mitigate your risks of contracting the virus. Make sure your employer has a break system in place to allow you to wash your hands frequently and to rest.

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